Through the past years we have developed many modules for a wide variety of integrations, including with WHMCS, DirectAdmin, Blesta, Acumulus, MoneyBird, Mollie and so on.


We develop software and we like to do so. Every project that we have worked on has been threaded with care. We like to automate from end-to-end including testing and deployment processes.


Although we work on a lot of different projects, we focus on specific projects involving (WHMCS) modules and High Traffic applications where different systems need work together reliably.


While we develop software, we also host them in (managed and High Available) environments under a different company. Go to Cloudbear

What our customers say

"We don't see 0100Dev as just another company we do business with, but as a partner that's actively helping us to achieve our goals."

- Metatracker

"With so many companies in this space, 0100Dev really stands out among the competition with the service and level of support they provide."

- Pay2Wash